Potty training

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

We’ve been potty training part time for the last 3 months. No, we’re not forcing her to go to the toilet or teaching her to sign for potty like that. I simply try to read her cues and catch her pee and poop timely. šŸ˜‰ not an easy task at first, and definetly takes time and energy.

This whole infant potty training didn’t actually started out as something we’ve planned on doing. With the whole cloth diaper bonanza, I was actually enjoying the diaper changes. ;p seeing all those cute fluffs on her bottom makes me smile. I know I’m weird that way with CDs..

So anyway, it all started a few days after Shana started solids. You know how baby poo texture will change after they started solids right? Well I found out that not only the texture changes but also I had to tweak my washing routine to get those solidify poo out. Yup unlike breastmilk poo, this was a though one. Not to mention that our sweet baby girl was starting to get persistent rash on her nappy area due to being in a soiled diaper for too long. At that time I didn’t really know her cues yet.

One day as I was changing her diaper, I saw that all too familiar poopy face. I was thinking whether to get a clean nappy to put under her or not, because I had thrown to dirty one into the diaper pail. Then I thought why not just put her on the toilet? What’s the worst thing that can hapoen right? It’s not like I’m torturing her in anyway. So I did and she went. Just like that. I even saw that it was easier for her to do her business sitting down on the toilet rather than lying down on her nappy. Anyone has ever tried doing the #2 while lying on your backs? Hehe…

Starting from that day on, I try my best to read her cues for #2. It was pretty easy because she’ll grunt and become restless beforehand. Sometimes I can even predict when she would go due to paying attention to her schedule. Because of all this, Shana is no longer comfortable doing #2 on her nappy, she would somehow become furious if I don’t take her to the toilet. Well babies are human and who would in their right mind be sitting on their own waste? šŸ˜‰

After getting the #2 fully trained, then I started paying attention to her peeing cues and schedule. The cues for #1 is not as obvious so I haven’t figure it out yet. What I know is her schedule. She would stay dry during naps and pee immediately after waking up. By knowing that, I have been letting her go diaperless during naps. This has truly helps with her rash. Oh yeah, my baby girl is a Ms.rash-prone. She gets minor rash with cloth diapers and worse rash with disposables.

Another happy news, she has been staying dry for a few nights! Of course I need to wake up once during the night to take her pee in the toilet. I don’t mind doing this because she’s still breastfeeding and waking up multiple times at night to breastfeed anyway. This is great because she’s not sleeping on her pee for too long anymore. šŸ™‚

Somehow I really like this whole infant potty training. I know this might not work for some families, but if you do have time I suggest to try it. Not only this will teach babies about good personal hygiene, this also strengthen the bond with our babies. By being alert to their cues and signs, we get to know our baby better. Of course less diaper laundry doesn’t hurt either.. šŸ˜‰

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