our so-called honeymoon

December 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

Beginilah kejadiannya kalo 2 anak muda berusaha ga kebawa arus mainstream tapi ujung-ujungnya kemakan omongan sendiri.

Dari awal kita berdua udah bertekad mikir kalo ga mau hornyhoneymoon ke B*ali. WHY?

Karenaaa… pengen ke tempat lain aja, such as Kampung Sampireun, Losari Spa & Resort, atau bahkan cuma ke Padma. Tapi apa daya, manusia hanya bisa berencana.. Ujung-ujungnya we ended up going to elsewhere but The Island of Gods!

Berbekal “free” ticket hasil redemption poin GFF abang selama mondar-mandir ke rig sekitar 2 tahun, berangkatlah kita berdua. Dengan satu niat utama: maximizing our stay at the hotel. Berbekal niat itu dan beberapa kali klik di weddingku, dapet deh paket honeymoon di Furama Villa & Spa. We were too lazy to go watersporting, too bored to see temples or shopping, we’re not really a beach lover, so we chose Ubud as the place to stay.

Neither of us had stayed around Ubud area before and it seemed relaxing, far away from the hustle bustle of Denpasar or all the clubs around Kuta. Thus, it was the perfect destination for us. Not to mention that Furama is located about 15 minutes drive from central Ubud (yups, the place is very secluded and calm). Caters our needs, just what we wanted. 🙂

We enjoyed our stay at their Balinese style pool villa, had a 60 minutes massage too (very realxing). We didn’t go anywhere, enjoyed our villa, our private pool, and had a great time. The only downside was due to its location, it was hard to find anything to eat nearby. Of course the free shuttle from Furama to central Ubud was a great solution. We were able to have sone culinary adventure as well around Ubud area.

First of all, there was the uber delicious ice cream, Gelato Secret. hmm.. what can I say, the ice cream was scrumptiliscious. A perfect relief after a sunny day out (or if you need to refresh after a hard bargain with seller at Ubud Market ;)). Then there was a great coffee at Casa Luna. We didn’t really enjoy their food though. It was Indonesian food cooked to cater western taste (ga ada rasa, ga pake bumbu). Not to mention the drinks we ordered, thought it was juices turns out to be jamu (bleh!). Then of course we had to eat the famous Bebek Bengil restaurant. Hmmm…me likey! hehehe… The duck was fried to perfection, just love it.

Just before returning home, Fakar wanted to see the Kecak dance (he never saw it before). So they say the best place to watch the dance is at Uluwatu temple. Off we went, the temple was nothing special, monkeys there are pretty nasty.

Kita liat beberapa turis yang lagi rebutan kacamata dan jepit rambut sama si tenyom. Belom lagi ada bule yang dapet “rejeki air mancur” dari momon di atas pohon. The Kecak dance was conducted around 6pm, just in time to see sunset. Thus, fakar concentrated on watching the dance while I was trying to take pictures of the sunset (the pictures are terrible failures of a wanna-be amateur photographer). It was worthwhile to see the dance, for only IDR 50K audiences were entertained.

Overall, our first trip as hubby-wife was a blast!

next destination hun? 😉

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