the case of the disappointing vendor

September 17, 2009 § 1 Comment

Well..they’re not really our vendor actually, they’re what I would call “additionals”. It wasn’t even necessary to use their service, but it seemed like a good idea back then.

We thought that by getting our preweds photos from Fish laminated will prevent any damage to them. You know how photos tend to stick to the glass of it’s frame? since we didn’t want that to happen, it was the perfect solution to get them laminated. We chose this place Adorama Photo Lab because it came highly recommended. Hah! Were we wrong!

Until this moment, I still can’t believe of what they did and how they were so indifferent about it. They didn’t even feel any sense of responsibility AT ALL! Talk about their slogan, bullS***!! (pardon my language,I’m being emotional that’s all).

They ruined one of my 30×45 prewed picture while it was laminated by them (our favorite one to be exact). What happened was, the picture got folded and it was beyond repair. It was in perfect condition when I gave it in (mark my words on this). Really can’t believe a professional like them would do such thing and took no responsibility. The man behind the counter even had the nerve to blame us and said it was our fault. They won’t take any responsibility since they didn’t check it’s condition when I gave the pictures in.

Yeah right Adorama, just point your fingers at the customer.

Take no responsibility of your actions mistakes.

We really…really..don’t recommend this place to anyone at all!

will I turn into this?

will I turn into this?

Hmmpffh…with only less than 2 months to go and that above, I have officially turned into a bride-freaking-zilla. 😦

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