August 7, 2009 § 6 Comments

For the whole wedding bonanza, I’ve decided to get a pre-wedding treatment for my gradakan face total facial skin treatment. While other brides-to-be are going to get their Totok Wajah, Facial, body scrub, etc, I went to a dermatologist. Not there’s anything wrong with my facial skin, I just wanted to get the right complexion and look if possible stunning on my wedding day –dasar kecentilan-.

So here I am, looking all patchy, red with flaking skins (it’s itchy and not pretty at all!). My campus mates made fun of me, mom said I look like kepiting rebus, and even my father who hardly notices things about his daughter had came up to me and said “what’s wrong with your face? You should go to a doctor.” Heheehe, this is the result of going to a doctor actually.

After almost 5 weeks now, I’m finally and gladly seeing the result of my sacrifices (have to sleep without air con and I had to resist from scratching my face) and being a muka tembok not listening to any comments regarding my flaking facial skin (people can be MEAN sometimes).

Friends have told me that I look brighter and my skin is smoother (it looked smooth but still flakes a bit now and then). I still have 7 weeks to go until this whole treatment is over, hmm…wonder how my skin will look like by then? 😉

Hohohohohoho… guess my sacrifices turned out useful after all -sombooong-.

Ah wanita, banyak maunya emang…

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